Yoga for You

Vijayadasmi– the Hindu celebration for students to learn new things. Falling on the 10th day of the lunar month of Aswin, Vijayadasmi is celebrated by Hindus and others across South Asia by starting new endeavors.

This year, I invite all my readers around the world to try something new. Let us join together to learn how to be. Being is difficult, being yourself is even harder, and being the person you always wanted to be– well that can be trying, to say the least.

Sometimes, the stresses of life can cause us to forget who we are in relation to the world– a small but powerful spectacle in a single moment in time.

With yoga, one can re-learn how to relate to oneself and to the universe. We can reconnect to nature and the world around us. Vijayadasmi gives us an opportunity to assess where we have been over the past year, where we are now, and where we want to go in the coming year(s).

With Yoga, there is no end to learning. Regardless of how many years we practice, learn, or teach, regardless of how much we know, we can always learn more.

If you live in Bangalore, I invite you to join me on Friday, October 7, for a special session of yoga, with the goal of learning something new about yourself that you can love and respect.

Happy Navarathri, and Happy Learning!


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