Fall and Falling

It’s been a while since I wrote. I know. A lot of people have asked me, “what happened?”

Fall is here, and with it, I’ve been falling. Literally. First, I fell sick for about 10 days. Then, while on a trip, I was walking on the street and fell. Sprained my ankle bad enough that the doc gave me a cast. (No crutches, mind you, just a cast. A cultural difference in medical care I just don’t care for!)

So while I’ve been laid up, it’s been a bit harder to practice yoga asana. Still, I’ve managed to figure out a few poses that are possible.

1. With a cast on your leg, you can still perform a few seated poses, such as navasana, dandasana, and peace pose.

2. You can also work on poses such as 1/2 frog on your stomach, seal, and cobra.

3. If you’re just in bed (with no cast), try heart opening restorative poses such as supported bridge. Also a forward fold like supported child’s pose can really calm and ease you. And of course, an all-time favorite, legs-up-the-wall. Viparita Karani is a relaxing pose that makes you sleepy.

4. Most importantly, since physical posture is tough, now is a great time to focus on breathing techniques. Breath into the area that is in pain, sending positive energy and love to that region of your body.

Falling doesn’t have to be a burden. Just pick up your pranayama and dhyana practices, and you’ll see how light you can be on your feet.


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  1. felix
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 22:01:51

    amazing. i am deeply impressed with the power you have within that transcends fractures and enables you to continue enjoying yoga irrespective. i cant wait to reach level. all the best and quick recovery.


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