Feedback for Funding

When you know who you are and what you want, you can create the path to achieving your goals. It’s hard, though, to make decisions when you don’t know the outcome of it.

Yoga asks you not to worry about the outcome. Instead, think about the present.

When making decisions, calculate the impact of your action, speech, or thought on the world– first with yourself, those around you, then the larger community, nation, and entire globe.

In my life, I try to make such conscious choices at least as they relate to me. It’s hard, though, to know the impact of your words or actions on someone else, especially when we all come from different backgrounds.

That diversity is what stumps us all. We are shocked when someone doesn’t think or act in the same way we do–because, isn’t our way the right way?

In the peace & development field, we often think we know what is right also, and expect others to see a given situation in the same way. We think that there is just one way, and if it works one place, it can work anywhere. Forget the diversity.

That’s what funding in development often does: money for a particular project, with a requirement for a given outcome.

When the outcome doesn’t manifest, it’s seen as a failure (even if something else great came out of it!). The diversity of life stumps the funder.

Funders can learn from yoga that the best way is to be in the present, recognize the situation, and make the decision that will positively affect our life, the community, the nation, and the world.

Yoga can teach us how to be patient with the process, and accepting of the outcome. And if we really focus on the present, it’s likely the outcome will be awesome!



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