Homeward Bound

In case you’ve been wondering, I moved. To India. Birthplace of Yoga.

In specific, I’m in Bangalore, in a dominantly Muslim and Christian area of town. Modern-day yoga father BKS Iyengar came from this area of the country too.

In many ways, yoga is different here, as compared to the United States.

1. There are small gyms and potentially also yoga classes held on the premises. Yoga studios are fairly non-existent.  People might not want someone to teach them though, since a lot of yogic philosophy is ingrained in the culture–even after the culture has undergone so much change through modernization and globalization. Patience is still a must in a place where everything takes time, numerous consultations, and internet is barely entering the 3G phase in what is known as the hi-tech capital of South Asia.

2. In other ways, however, concepts of yoga or ayurveda have vanished. For example, small offices are not built for good posture. Awareness is decreasing as people become more and more self-oriented.

3. You might see yoga asana or pranayama being practiced in any local “park”. These parks themselves are considerably smaller than a park in the US. They are gated, with trees and paths to stick to, and not really as well maintained as the manicured greens in burgeoning suburban cities in California.

4. Full Yoga institutions, however, seem to be more common. There’s even a Yoga University which offers a PhD in Yoga and Yoga Therapy, which I am seriously considering attending!

So when I started advertising my yoga teaching skills, I got response–mostly from expats like myself. But the ethnic and religious diversity will be great if everyone who has expressed actually joins– christians, jews, muslims, and even a hindu.

My rooftop terrace will provide the ideal space for 6 or 8 people to join on Sunday evenings starting May 15, 2011. With coconut trees in the vicinity, a cup of tea will allow for the community to build slowly but surely.

My home will be happy, here in the home of yoga.


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