The Peaceful Touch

“Physical touch is essential to the peace-making process.” (Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods)

We all love to get a shoulder rub or a full body massage. Or, maybe a hug? Juan Mann

Sofie with Free Hugging Sign

, the man who gave out free hugs, created a world-wide media blizzard a few years ago, and now his work has turned into full-time campaign.  (My friend Sofie is a free hugger too!)

The hugging saint, Amma, touches each person she hugs, and people feel healed from this.

Hugs and touches can not only heal at the grassroots level, but also provide hope for the future international peace accords. Indeed, when we see a picture of two politicians hugging, we are inspired! Check out these great pictures of some of the big names of our times, hugging, no less! Hugging Away!!!

These touches can make or break a deal. In the international field, people of different cultures may feel closer when the people they work with hug or hold hands. It’s considered rude not to sit down to a casual cup of tea, where your laughter and touches mingle to make the happy atmosphere. These can pave the way to peace-making amongst businesses and diplomats.

[Of course, we must also be culturally and religiously conscious of whom we are touching and when. Don’t make bloopers on live TV or hug in the wrong country! (Michelle Obama in Indonesia)]

Hugs and touches are promoted in some yoga classes. Although the goal of yoga is to find inner peace, the relief that a soft touch gives, or the deeper it takes you into a pose, can be such a great experience that we find a moment of inner peace.

The touch can be moving an arm a little higher during Trikonasana, or pressing gently on the back while in a forward fold.  Maybe it’s pulling hips back in down dog. The result is amazing. As a student, I used to think “Wow, I can really go further!” and “I am so flexible!”. All because my yoga teacher used a peaceful touch to guide me into the pose a bit deeper than I thought I could.

The touches don’t just have to be from the yoga teacher or a partner. Actually, yoga can be about the healing connection to nature. In this, you root down to the core of the earth with the “souls” (not soles!) of your feet. You reach up into the endless sky. You feel the fire within in firelog pose or other heated poses like Surya Namaskar. Your own body feels its connection to the world around it, and in this, you find peace.

Next time you can, give someone a peaceful touch! Maybe it will help connect you to nature, as these people did with trees!

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  1. Wilson
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 01:53:31

    Hello Sowmya,

    Thanks for the well thought through article. Indeed it is simple things like hugs that can make difference in our lives. I believe humankind has an enormous potential that can be shared and felt through hugs.



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