Everything but the present

Though yoga teaches us to be in the present, I’d like to take a small time to talk about everything else. This includes where we’ve been and where we’re going (in terms of this blog).

In the last few months, I started receiving a high volume of emails, comments, and facebook remarks about Yoga for Peace.  I’ve also started a lot of classes, both private and public, indoors and outdoors (really gets you in touch with nature!) I’ve received more requests about writing for different organizations and their e-newsletters, blogs, adding guest bloggers, teaching, and so forth.

I am very grateful. I am touched that people are interested in reading how yoga can help create peace in the world.

As a yoga teacher, I hope to honor everyone’s needs and help them, and in that way, help myself. However, in the present moment, it’s a lot for 1 person to handle. Especially when that person is me– the non-gadget girl who has deluged the “Happiness Engineers” aka support staff with questions and ideas.

I’m working on getting Yoga for Peace blog better structured and organized so that it makes things easier for me.

Even then, though, I must understand one of the highest goals of yoga in daily life: to learn to focus. With the gadgets and gimmicks, it’s easy to forget one’ s true path. Right now, mine is to complete a Master’s Thesis. (in the not-present, it is to teach Yoga for Peace at peace universities around the world.)

Therefore, I’m setting up a schedule:

1. I aim to write about my experience teaching in the domestic violence organization/ my thesis research 3-4 times/ month.

2. I also hope to include you in my adventures teaching around Santa Clara Valley.

3. Other than that, I will have a few upcoming posts over the next 2 months, including:

a. Spaces for Peace

b. Global Yoga

c. Types of Yoga

d. The Role of the Teacher

4. I will restart  “Word of the Week” in November. In the meanwhile, keep practicing Namaste. Make it your mantra, and you’ll learn a great deal about focus, empathy, compassion, love, forgiveness, and yoga from this.

5. In the winter (December-February), I will host several guest bloggers from the fields of peace, yoga, and ayurveda on topics that interest them and you. So leave a comment about your interests.

6. In the winter I will review and edit my course Yoga for Peace and offer it once more in the location that life takes me.

7. I hope to take pictures and upload them for better visuals.

8. In Spring 2011 (March), I’ll add Pose of the Week. It’ll give a description, a sketch, links to sites to learn more, and how it relates to peace.

9. And sometime in the middle of writing my thesis, finding a job, keeping up with Yoga for Peace, teaching, planning events and building communities,

I will learn how to blog.

(I mean I’m going to take a course on it so that “Support@wordpress” is no longer on my favorites list. That way I can do all these things I’ve now promised!)

In Peace!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joslin
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 15:20:48

    You’ve got a lot on your plate, but I know you can do it. Keep me posted. 🙂


  2. Joslin
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 15:21:10

    BTW, your Web site is looking very nice.


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