Thesis Part 1a: Seeking Yoga Resources

The first step in my project is to understand and analyze nature-deficit disorder and domestic violence.

As I dig deep, I realize that there are books about what domestic violence is and what nature-deficit disorder. There are also books on how yoga can be used as medicine, or to compliment western medical practices.

But no yoga books specifically discuss how to work with the abused student, if there are specific poses and methods to help women (and men) who have been abused and lack positive interactions with nature.

When I re-started yoga, I consulted with the staff at SWIHA, who weren’t exactly sure either but suggested yin and restorative, and also suggested that I try any class once. I did that, and I got hooked–to all of them. I ended up going to 6-8 classes each week!

Yin and restorative were my favorites, though. In both, but especially restorative, the lights were low and I told my instructors that I wanted extra help. It’s important to voice your needs to the instructor so that there is knowledge and awareness. Knowledge and awareness allow for less conflict and more peace–not just in the international peace field, like between countries or businesses, but also within.

I remember in some of the restorative classes, I opened my heart completely, and even shed a few tears, as I observe participants in my class doing as well.

Does anyone have resources I can use? Any links to legitimate sources would be beneficial. Articles in journals, magazines, or blogs of top-notch instructors/ studios around the world are great.

Please email your ideas or leave a comment!

Since this blog is read by many yoga students around the world, I am trying to help them continue yoga wherever they have settled. Do you have a recommendation for yoga studios in the following areas (or anywhere! It’s good to know where to go when you’re out and about and traveling:

London, England                         Bergen, Norway                         Fairfax, Virginia                           El Rodeo, Costa Rica

Santa Ana, Costa Rica                Strasbourg, France                  Morgan Hill, California              Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Monrovia, Liberia                       Basel, Switzerland                    online videos                                 online yoga products & props


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  1. Gina
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 07:20:09

    Great article, Sowmya! I am totally into restorative yoga right now and it’s amazing the progress I’ve made. I’m sure you will help many people. 🙂


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