Individual Peace

Yoga is all about yourself in relation to the world. In peace studies, we often ask the question “What is peace?”

Each of us has our own definition of peace. Some consider it to be the absence of war and violence, while others define peace as love.

In Yoga, we can each find our own inner peace and our own path. Yoga does not force a person to do anything in specific. The individual goes through meditation practices (dhyana and dharana), physical practice (asana), and so forth in order to attain enlightenment (samadhi/ complete & highest form of inner peace) in their own way. That means, when you go to a yoga class, you only go as far as you can, or push yourself only as much as you want. There is no competition to be the most flexible or hold a pose the longest. Not everyone finds their peace through sitting under a tree for years. (The Buddha and Sage Valmiki did!)

You just aim to be the best possible you. And in that way, you find your own individual inner peace.

What’s your definition of peace? Leave your comments here!


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