Yoga and Technology–Peaceful means of life!

Technology is different for all of us as individuals, and I’m obviously not a gadget girl. Now I’m taking a class on technology and peace, and I started to think, how has technology helped yoga spread its message of peace?

Let’s start at the beginning. Early 20th century United States had little inkling about yoga or even Indian culture. Then the airplane came about, and the exchange of ideas took place on a grand scale. Hippie generationers and The Beatles entered unchartered territory by traveling to India to meet yogis and saints. They learned these ways, and brought the yogis and their ideas back to the United States. They were seeking peace.

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Now, I daresay the US is the center of yoga training, with hundreds of studios in every major US city. Most “Americans” have at least heard of yoga, if not tried it; and those who have tried it through peaceful means have usually gotten hooked.

The great thing about my teaching yoga in peace schools across the world is that I’ve been able to impact people from all over the world—in a peaceful way, without harming their lives or culture. Yoga is an unique method of peace in that it does not impose one way upon all creatures. Technology too, can be used in a peaceful manner, if you are socially conscious.

Technology has changed since the first airplanes. Today, it’s changing at such a rapid pace that it is hard to keep up. Yet technology too, can take different forms in different places, just as yoga does. Yoga requires mindful living—and so does technology! You absolutely have to be in the present for both. You have to be present in yoga, in every moment of living. You have to be mindful, really watching your every action and how it relates to the universe. In technology, you should also be mindful–of what you post online in public forums. You would not want your manager to see something you don’t want your workplace to know about! Remember, technology is not an alternative to life, it is part of life!

I’m using yoga as a basis for my master’s thesis, which I will start soon. I invite you to join on the journey through reading this blog throughout my classes and analysis of how yoga can affect people in urban regions…. This will be my main form of communication with the outside world while I hole myself into a cave to focus on my research. Please read and write back!

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