Gentle Flow

So, I’ve made several posts today and this week because I didn’t realize I forgot to do some weeks. We did these classes in order of the yamas and niyamas, even though they are out of order here.

This particular class on the yama Asteya (non-stealing) was particularly fun, because we did it through a gentle flow, incorporating what we had learned in the first two weeks. We discussed why people steal–perhaps because they lack the resources they need or because they are looking for more things for the future. We learned that asanas (poses) often can give you the strength you need to do the poses. We tried to stay focused on the present, not the past or future, not what we could be or could have been, but being grateful for what we are now. We learned not to search further for other pleasures or worry about the future poses. Instead, we were at peace with our bodies, not wanting them to be anymore than they were just in that precious moment.

We did a short pranayama in the Nadi-sodhana style, using our hand to open and close the nostrils to allow heat to enter and leave, and cool to enter and leave.


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Word of the Week

Namaste. This section will begin to explore sanskrit terminology associated with yoga. First word: Namaste. This is a salutation, "I salute the light within you that is within me also."
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