Being a Child

Yama: Ahimsa, or non-violence. Ahimsa is the concept of being non-violent in thought, speech, and action.

This class was taught as the first in the series. In order to start yoga in a non-violent way, we started at the very beginning, like a child with each new experience. Children are open and transparent and eager. They have no inhibitions, nothing to hide. In the same way, in yoga, one should be open to new experiences. In this class, we learned to explore ourselves, try new ideas, and grow. We learned also that we should take baby steps– and be true to ourselves. We should have the integrity to know ourselves through our body. We should not push ourselves.

Some of the ABCs of yoga we discussed were:

Spine: one vertebrae sitting on top of the other

Spinal twist: from the core

Knees: slightly bent, never locked

Bending–at the hips (not waist)

Breathing–from the stomach

And of course, the core of yoga is that there are always two simultaneous actions– opposite forces that allow us to integrate. Always ground yourself while reaching up to the sky.

We practiced these techniques with several poses, behaving often like children, including: lotus, bound angle/ butterfly (flap your wings!); lion (let it all out with a roar!); Cow/ cat (happy cow, halloween cat); Downdog (take it for a walk), child’s pose (release with a sigh); Tree (grow!!!); sun salutation, moon, camel, rock, pigeon, locust (bzzing!) stick, happy baby, starfish, and savasana.

Meditation was to be happy wherever you are because you are not creating violence.


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